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I am AMAZED at how many stall doors are non-functioning (in every variation possible) in ladies bathrooms, in both lower-end and higher-end establishments. It's very frustrating. And in a HEARTBEAT I'd have purchased that invention.

Honestly I think public bathroom lock lady might have the best shot from this week's batch. Perfect example of a simple solution to a common problem. Even if the door lock is not broken you could put the device on there for a little added safety. And she showed some practical thinking by attaching it to the tissues. Smart lady.

Where can I get a bathroom lock NOW? I have been in countless bathrooms across the US and there is often one or more where the door does not completely close. Maybe this is not an issue for men, but it is a big issue for women, especially at venues that do not have many stalls to begin with. We want privacy, and this invention works! It doesn't have to cost much to be successful. I would buy more than one myself.

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StallStopper Restroom Door Clip
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What is a Stall Stopper?

We Have a Public Restroom Problem

I enjoy travel and that means I use a lot of public restrooms. I invented the Stall Stopper® to solve a recurring problem whenever I am using a public restroom:

  • Will there be a broken lock on the restroom door?
  • Will the working lock hold the door closed?

Broken lock on restroom doors is a common problem for women who travel.

You probably cannot count the numerous times you've been faced with this problem and neither could the women I talked to. I think about the integrity of the lock every time I close a restroom door because it fails often enough to ingrain that problem in my mind.

Have you ever waited in the extra-long lines for the bathroom at concerts & sporting events where there are a lot of people and not enough restrooms?

  • Is the restroom stall with the broken lock the only one available?
  • If you could use that stall could you avoid waiting in the long line?

Waiting in Line in Busy Restrooms

Even if the lock looks like it’s working...

  • Will it hold when the door slams next to mine or someone bumps against it?
  • Is the lock aligned or has it shifted through years of wear and tear?

How have you solved this problem in the past?

  • Barely hold the door with my hand/foot/head to keep it closed while juggling belongings.
  • When there’s only one handicapped stall in a restroom and the lock is broken, how can I possibly hold that door shut when it’s that far away?

For parents with children that want to use the restrooms (by myself!) there’s always a dilemma:

  • Will my child lock themselves in and then be unable to unlock the door — and then I have to crawl under on the filthy floors to rescue?
  • Will I need to stand outside holding the door closed?

And then there’s all the other problems you deal with in in public restrooms...

  • Missing toilet paper, seat covers, soap
  • No hook for your purse or belongings (or the hook is high on the front door and theft-prone)

The Solution

The Stall Stopper® and Restroom Survival Kit™ solve all of these problems.

Broken Lock on Restrooms? The Solution is the Stall Stopper Restroom Door Clip.

The Stall Stopper® restroom door clip solves the following problems:
Privacy“Occupied” and bright color shows stall is in use.
Hands Free Hold public restroom doors closed when the latch is missing, broken or not aligned.
Versatile Can be used on top or bottom, left or right, with or without a post.
Convenient The clip takes up no more room than the travel pack of tissue it holds - so you’re prepared when toilet paper is missing.
PracticalWorks on most public restroom doors.

Stall Stopper restroom door clip holds the door shut
Works on most public restroom stall doors.

Stall Stopper Restroom Door Clip with Tissue when the toilet paper is missing
Doesn't take up any more room in your purse than the pack of travel tissue you’re already carrying.

The Restroom Survival Kit™ replaces the items that are often missing:
Toilet paper The Stall Stopper fits around a compact roll of toilet paper (included) and also can hold a pack of travel tissue.
Seat coversNo more balancing sheets of toilet tissue across the seat.
Soap Use the hand sanitizer to avoid dirty sinks with missing soap.
Purse Hook Hang your belongings even when there's no hook. Keep it toward the back of the stall so your purse is less of a theft target than the hooks on the door.
BagA bag to hold everything with room for other restroom-related personal items.

Restroom Survival Kit - all the supplies you need when traveling and using public restrooms
Public restroom problems: SOLVED!

Appearing on American Inventor

Sharon Clemens, the inventor of the Stall Stopper, was on the TV show “American Inventor” in 2006 and made it into the top 12 out of 10,000. This exposure brought her patented invention to the attention of tens of millions who watched the show and got people talking with her unique solution to a common problem. Market research showed a huge demand for the Stall Stopper® and Restroom Survival Kit™. During her time on the show she explored other designs of the product but came back to a design very close to the original clip. It was very important to that the clip could be carried by itself and that it would be flexible enough to hold a pack of travel tissue and fit a variety of doors. Watch Sharon Clemens on American Inventor »

Sharon Clemens on American Inventor with the Stall Stopper Restroom Door Clip

Who Needs a Stall Stopper® Restroom Door Clip?

Well, YOU probably have many, many times. It's also a thoughtful, inexpensive gift (under $5 and made in the U.S.A.) for travelers, teachers, students, moms, aunts, daughters, sisters, friends and workout buddies. Be prepared for the worst public restrooms when you keep one in your purse, locker, car, desk drawer, briefcase, gym bag and carry-on suitcase.

You can buy your Stall Stopper® and Restroom Survival Kit™ today!