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I liked the bathroom door clip best of all. It's the one thing I want to buy.

The bathroom door thing rocked. That is an awesome idea that would sell. I'd buy that, use it, and be glad I was carrying it.

Anyone who's a Mom & has had to take their kid to a public restroom could use that. If your kid is old enough to go in the stall by themselves, but the lock doesn't work or they can't get it to lock then you end up outside with your arm going numb holding the top of the door for them. Not to mention you may not want them to lock it because they may not be able to get it unlocked & then you have to crawl under the door to let them out. That clip thing would totally change that whole process. Fantastic invention & I must know where to get one.

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StallStopper Restroom Door Clip
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The Stall Stopper®

Approving the first StallStoppers
Easily fits most restroom stall doors. Use it when the lock is broken, or is just not holding the door shut. Or just to let others know the stall is occupied so they don't need to look underneath or through the crack.

Approving the first StallStoppers
Takes no more space than the pack of travel tissue which it also holds.

The Stall Stopper™

Works on the right or left, top or bottom, with or without a post.

Approving the first StallStoppers
On the bottom
To the right
Approving the first StallStoppers
Ready for you! Buy it today.

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