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This is my most useful gizmo. I don't go anywhere without it.
-Susan C.

The minute I saw your product I knew I wanted a least a dozen! What a perfect and practical item.
-Angela M.

Such a simple solution for such a BIG problem! Most of the bathroom stalls I have used have broken or ineffective door locks. It's mortifying to have someone walk in on you in such a vulnerable position, and nearly equally embarrassing to accidentally walk in on someone else! I hope this product will be in the hands and purses of every woman in America VERY SOON!
-Hilary B.

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The restroom door lock won't hold? No problem!

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Great Deals for the Gifts!

Remember all the people you want to give an inexpensive gift? Be prepared with the coolest travel gear and be prepared for that inevitable broken lock.

Teachers, classmates, co-workers, travelers, moms, aunts, sisters, friends and workout buddies will love the compact but powerful way to have the security of privacy in a public restroom stall.

Get free shipping, quantity discounts, a pack of travel tissue and a product card with each Stall Stopper when you purchase packages of 6 or more.

  • How often does this happen?


    The restroom door lock is broken and you're stuck using that stall. More...

  • Durable & Flexible


    The Stall Stopper™ solves the problem — it fits most public restroom doors and holds it shut. More...

  • Versatile


    Fits a door with or without a post. More...

  • Versatile


    Works on doors that close on the right or the left. More...

  • Versatile


    Fits on the bottom (for those that can't reach the top). More...

  • It goes with you


    Fits in your purse and takes up no more room than a travel pack of tissue. More...

  • The supplies you need


    When the toilet paper is gone, your clip holds a travel pack of tissue. More...

  • Goes anywhere


    One for your purse, your locker, your car. Buy »

  • Keep one with you


    One for your gym bag, your suitcase, your desk, your briefcase. Buy »

  • Who wants one?


    One for your mom, your sister, your aunt, your daughter, students, travelers, teachers, workout buddies. Buy »

  • As seen on TV


    Sharon Clemens & her Stall Stopper™ were featured on first season of American Inventor. More...

Problem Solved

The Stall Stopper restroom door clip slides on the top or bottom of a public restroom door to provide hands-free privacy when the lock is broken, missing, out of alignment, or isn't strong enough to hold the door closed when bumped.

  1. Hands Free Holds public restroom doors closed when the latch is missing or broken.
  2. Privacy "Occupied" and bright color shows stall is in use.
  3. Versatile Can be used on top or bottom, left or right.
  4. Convenient The clip holds a travel pack of tissue for when toilet paper is missing.
  5. Practical Works on most public restroom doors.